15 September 2016

Australian far-right leader: 'we are in danger of being swamped by Muslims'

Anti-immigration politician Pauline Hanson Wednesday warned Australia was in danger of being swamped by Muslims and told those unwilling to give the nation their undivided loyalty to "go back where you came from".

Twenty years after saying Australia was at risk of being overrun by Asians, Mrs Hanson used her first speech to parliament since being re-elected in July to declare: "I'm back".

"Now we are in danger of being swamped by Muslims who bear a culture and ideology that is incompatible with our own," she told the Senate in Canberra.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation party won four seats in the Senate on strong backing for her long list of anti-Muslim policies in the July polls, marking a stunning comeback for a woman whose populist views caused a stir in Asia during her first divisive political stint in the late 1990s.

She said Wednesday that while Australia had embraced migrants from all over the world, many of whom had integrated into society, Islam had had an impact on Australia like no other religion. [The Telegraph] Read more

14 September 2016

Now Staffordshire Police may allow officers to wear a burka

The force declared that to date no staff have made a request to wear the Islamic clothing.

But Detective Chief Constable Nick Baker said if any member did ask to where a burka it would have to be considered in line with force policies.

It comes after West Midlands Police’s chief constable David Thompson opened the door to the move.

However, the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner has suggested it would be impractical for Muslim women police officers to wear a burka on the beat.

David Jamieson said the burka was ‘probably not the best form of uniform’ for bobbies and called for ‘an outbreak of common sense’ over the issue.

It comes after the force’s chief constable David Thompson prompted international debate after he told the Express & Star that West Midlands Police would consider allowing officers to wear full face veils if such a request was made. [The Express & Star] Read more

Merkel sees burqa as religious freedom but backs limited ban

Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke out on Wednesday against the idea of a complete ban in Germany on the full-face veil worn by Muslim women, saying that wearing it was part of religious freedom.

Merkel told an international parliamentary conference in Berlin that the full-face veil, such as the burqa and niqab, were however "a major obstacle to integration."

"Against this background, we have begun making precise plans on the question of the full-face veil for action in areas where it is not necessary," the chancellor said, pointing to public administrative offices or in courts.

State and federal interior ministers belonging to Merkel‘s conservative Christian Democrats are preparing legislation on the full-face veil.

They have said that being able to see a person‘s face was essential in public service, driving vehicles, in kindergartens, schools, universities, in courtrooms as well as during controls for passports and at demonstrations. [europe online] Read more

Teach the truth about Islamophobia

Exactly 14 years ago today, the National Post published an op-ed by Neil Seeman, “Are we all Islamophobes? Not really.” In it Seeman debunked the idea, promoted by Riad Saloojee, then executive director of CAIR.CAN (the Canadian chapter of the Council for American-Islamic Relations, now known as the National Council of Canadian Muslims, or NCCM, without apparent change of mission or affiliations), that “a very well-documented, anti-Muslim hate wave” had swept through Canada.

.... If a teaching guide on tolerance is necessary, let it be about tolerance for all minority groups. Let it be evidence-based and a collaboration of racial, religious and other groups. And instead of NCCM/CAIR.CAN, let Muslim input come from the democratic, pluralistic and reform-minded Council for Muslims facing Tomorrow (MFT), one of whose founders, Sohail Raza, responded to my media query on this subject:

“The CHRC and the Red Cross should be more concerned about human rights abuse and actual racial discrimination than pandering to a victim ideology and a contrived phrase like ‘Islamophobia’ created to stifle conversation. MFT is distressed by the activities of certain organizations claiming to represent Muslims while closely linked to the supremacist Muslim Brotherhood. These organizations are part of the problem and not the solution.” [National Post] Read more

Pauline Hanson calls for immigration ban: 'Go back to where you came from'

.... If Muslim immigration continued then Australians would find themselves living under Sharia law, Hanson said.

The One Nation leader said no further mosques or Islamic schools should be built until the current “security challenges” passed – meaning incidences of terrorism. Hanson said Islamic facilities already established in the country should be subject to monitoring.

Addressing multiculturalism more broadly, Hanson said Australians had never been permitted to vote on whether we became a multi-racial society. Hanson claimed the Australian economy wasn’t stimulated by immigration – an orthodoxy considered central to economic thinking – it was stimulated by government infrastructure projects.

Hanson contended – again, without supporting evidence – that high immigration only benefited the banks and multinationals. She argued that immigration was placing intolerable strain on essential services, like hospitals and schools, which she said were “bursting at the seams”.

Hanson said foreign investment was a source of regret, particularly when it came from China and its communist government. She declared Australia was vulnerable to a foreign takeover, and Australians had fought in wars and given their lives to prevent foreign takeovers. [The Guardian] Read more

Finding an English Islam

.... Getting this right is important for integration, he suggested, and will require commitment from both minority and majority Britons:

“The challenge here is this: is there an Englishness that is wholly accepting of Islam and is there an Islam that is wholly comfortable to be English?”

Dr Timothy Winter, Shaykh Zayed Lecturer of Islamic Studies at Cambridge University, stated that there is no reason in classical Islamic thought to prevent such an accommodation between Islam and Englishness – quite the opposite, in fact:

“A local British Islam, or a range of British Islams, is religiously authentic and even mandatory,” he told the audience, adding that “The classical sharia manuals tell us that local custom and precedent may be incorporated into Muslim life, unless they evidently flaunt a scriptural truth. Only fundamentalism of the Wahhabi type discounts this Muslim normativity.”

An English Islam, one that feels open to people of all races and faiths in England, should be within our grasp. But it will not find itself. John Denham set this challenge to the audience, as we sipped our tea in the Surrey countryside:

“We have a choice, really, of trying to make a national identity that works, that includes everybody; or we could end up with a rather divided national identity which thrusts some people out.” [British Future] Read more

13 September 2016

Chobham Academy makes Islamic religious observance mandatory for pupils of all faiths

.... Dame Louise Casey says: “We need to be much bolder in not just celebrating our history, heritage and culture, but standing up for our democratically decided upon laws of the land… I have become convinced that it is only the upholding of our core British laws, cultures, values and traditions that will offer us the route map through the different and complex challenge of creating a cohesive society.”

By all means, let Muslim teachers and pupils celebrate their holy festivals: that is a necessary liberty and a social good. But let’s not impose an Islamic day of rest upon all citizens from every background because a minority believes that Ishmael was favoured over Isaac.

It is our Christian heritage which is culturally cohesive, and it is Christian laws and traditions which determine and define how we live together. They forged the historic foundations of our common good. A school community must respect that, lest it atomise into a myriad of equal faith demands under a coercive, anti-discriminatory aegis of secularity, with each god in the pantheon competing for dominance in the hierarchy. [Archbishop Cranmer] Read more

German refugee worker hits back at Merkel's migrant pledge saying 'we CAN'T do this'

Katja Schneidt initially embraced Mrs Merkel's famous rallying call "we can do this" after the Chancellor opened Germany's doors to Syrian refugees last summer.

But the 45-year-old has now written a book – titled We Can't Do This – expressing her anger at the country's dire integration policy.

She wrote: "The euphoria at the beginning of the wave of refugees is gone. We are not able to cope with this refugee crisis successfully."

In her voluntary role, Ms Schneidt – from the state of Hesse – helped refugees find accommodation and receive medical treatment.

But she now believes it is impossible to integrate every refugee into the country, which has been rocked by Islamist terror attacks this summer.

She said: "You cannot expect the refugees to behave in a way that we want them to after an integration course. That is nonsense.

"Islam is not like Christianity. It is a life model, we can't argue them away. It is not enough to say that Islam belongs to Germany."

According to official figures, nearly 1.1million refugees arrived in Germany in 2015, with a further 300,000 expected this year. [Daily Express] Read more

Austrian cardinal warns of 'Islamic conquest' of Europe

A Catholic cardinal tipped to be the next Pope has warned that Muslims want to eradicate Christianity and to conquer Europe.

Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönborn made the warning on Sunday during the church festival "Holy Name of Mary", which was first introduced 333 years ago in gratitude for the victory over the Ottomans in the Battle of Vienna.

According to the Archdiocese of Vienna, the cardinal said: "Will there be an Islamic conquest of Europe? Many Muslims want that and say: Europe is at the end."

He asked God to have mercy on Europe and to show mercy to its people, which he said "are in danger of forfeiting our Christian heritage".

Schönborn explained that people could already feel this loss, "not only economically, but above all, in human and religious matters".

The cardinal's statement came as many places across Austria commemorated the 333rd anniversary of the Battle of Vienna. During the battle on 11-12th September 1683, combined Christian forces defeated over 100,000 soldiers from the Ottoman Empire.

The battle was fought by the Habsburg Monarchy, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Holy Roman Empire against the invading Muslim Ottoman Empire. Polish King John III Sobieski famously commanded the Christian army toward its victory. [The Local] Read more

Strong reactions in Norway to hijab discrimination verdict

The 10,000 kroner fine given to a Norwegian hairdresser for turning away a Muslim client wearing a headscarf has led to varied reactions in the Nordic country.

The Jæren District Court ruled on Monday that Merete Hodne, a hairdresser in the small southwestern Norwegian town of Byrne, “deliberately discriminated” against Malika Bayan when she denied her service last year.

The 47-year-old hairdresser intends to appeal the decision, which has generated strong reactions in Norway.

The nation’s equality and anti-discrimination ombudsman called the verdict an important victory for religious freedom.

“The important thing is that you've got a decision and a conviction that states that it is not acceptable to refuse service to someone because of the person's religion or believes. The verdict upholds the freedom of religion in Norway,” ombudsman Hanne Bjurstrøm told NTB.

Hodne had defended turning Bayan away by saying that she views the the headscarf as a political symbol representing an ideology that frightens her, rather than as a religious symbol. She said she “completely freaked out” when Bayan and her friend entered the hair salon wearing hijabs last October. [The Local] Read more

12 September 2016

May risks entrenching the ethnic divide

.... So it was dismaying to hear the prime minister’s announcement last week on faith schools. Previously, over-subscribed new schools could only select 50 per cent of pupils on the basis of religion. Now it is to be 100 per cent. More mono-cultural, mono-faith, mono-racial schools. More bubbles. More parallel lives.

.... It is already happening at the Waterhead Academy in Oldham, where one overwhelmingly white school was merged with a largely Asian school four years ago. Survey evidence shows clear improvements in cross-community relations, trust and friendship. Where 15 years ago racial division saw riots explode, now children are learning together and getting to know each other.

May’s education plans demonstrate a laudable desire to transform rather than tinker. But on faith schools, she must be wary of unintended consequences. Because when “communities” of faith or race are served separately, when parallel lives are reinforced, then the wider community — the nation — is poorer. [159 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 68 votes] There should be no faith schools end off. Education should be separated from religious beliefs. It beggars belief that this is not seen as discrimination against those with no faith. This is simply a fix for the government who have created a monster with mass immigration and now have to provide schools for these groups, many of whom are Muslim. It will prove to be a disaster and shows the complete lack of understanding/admitting the problem by the PM.

[2ND 62] I never asked for my country to be filled with people from elsewhere and neither am I prepared to "integrate" with them to provide after-the-fact justification to the whole ghastly experiment.

[3RD 52] I thought Mrs May was doing quite well until she announced this policy.

We already have ethnic minority ghettos and the former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission has admitted that multiculturalism has failed and communities are living parallel lives - seldom interacting outside of work.

The creation of single faith schools is going to take the country backwards. State Education should be secular. If people want their children educated in a particular faith, they have the option of "Sunday Schools" or paying for private education.

This is a dreadful decision which, in order to pander to Catholic sentiment, is going to affect society negatively for decades to come.


[4TH 52] So, according to Clare Foges, if I live in Bradford, Blackburn or Halifax, I should be denied the opportunity to send my child to a Christian faith school, because it perpetuates segregation. Tell me what efforts her taxi-driver's niqab-wearing wife is making to integrate - and how many non- Muslim mothers will be wanting their children to be friends with hers, when they can't even see her face to speak to her in the playground.

[5TH 50] Faith schools should be banned - we should take a leaf out of the Singaporean education system where there are 2 mainstream ethnicities - Malay and Chinese and all are educated in common schools - it's a part of the nation building process.

[6TH 45] Why do faiths need to run schools?

[7TH 42] This article totally misses the point.

There should be no religion in schools. Religion is a faith based belief in the supernatural and an afterlife, that nobody has ever come back from to tell us about. How stupid does it get to allow this to dominate any debate concerning education?

Get religion out of schools and stop poisoning minds with it. Kids unfortunately inherit religions from parents - an accident of birth. We should not tolerate the promotion of it in the school system.

[8TH 37] Keep religion out of schools, period. What chance do we have if you create an apartheid system where kids learn some middle ages dogma that has no place in a modern, western, society. [The Times (£)] Read more

Vienna swimming pool burkini ban sparks protest

Muslims in Vienna are planning to protest at a swimming pool after being told that burkinis were banned for hygiene and safety reasons.

The row started when a young Muslim woman was told to leave the ‘Stadthallenbad’ indoor swimming pool in Vienna.

The young woman, a 23-year-old student, said she was particularly annoyed because she had telephoned before and had been told that burkinis were allowed.

However when she arrived she and her friend who was also wearing a burkini were told to leave by a swimming pool employee.

She said: "They said that we could not swim in the pool for hygiene reasons."

Management at the swimming pool explained that this was because rules dictate that all swimwear be made of an appropriate fabric, and they said that one of the women was wearing a cotton burkini which was deemed unsuitable. [The Local] Read more

School gives parents three days' notice before closing so staff can celebrate Eid

A large inner-city school gave parents just three days' notice it was closing to allow staff to celebrate a religious festival.

Chobham Academy in Newham, east London, is partially closed on Monday due to a "high number of staff requesting leave for religious observance" for the Muslim festival Eid al-Adha.

Eighteen-hundred pupils aged three to 18 attend the independent mixed academy, but families were given just days to find alternative childcare arrangements.

Mark Elms, the primary principal at the school, offered parents his "sincere apologies".

Chobham has been closed to nursery, reception, Y1 and Y2 pupils, leading one father to claim parents had been "penalised".

Pedro Martin, a Spanish teacher and tutor in London, said:

Eid al-Adha falls on the 10th day of Dhu al-Hijjah, the twelfth and final month in the Islamic calendar.

As the exact day is based on lunar sightings, the date can vary between countries and the date of this year's festival was only announced by religious leaders ten days ago. [The Telegraph] Read more

Fireman Sam 'Koran' scene cleared by Ofcom

Complaints over an episode of Fireman Sam, which seems to show a character treading on a Koran page, will not be investigated by watchdog Ofcom.

The scene shows a fireman slipping on papers and, as they fly up, a page with Arabic script appears to be among them.

Ofcom received 170 complaints but said on Monday it could not confirm the page was from the Koran.

The episode was pulled from Channel 5's streaming service but was first broadcast on TV in October 2014.

"We studied a recording of the programme in the highest possible resolution," an Ofcom spokesperson said.

"We found that the page did appear to contain Arabic text, but its contents could not have been deciphered, nor recognised as being from a given text."

Mattel, which produced the show, previously apologised and said it did not believe it was done "maliciously". [BBC] Read more

11 September 2016

Western Publishers Submit to Islam

.... It was after Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses that many Western publishing houses first bowed to intimidation. Christian Bourgois, a French publishing house, refused to publish The Satanic Verses after having bought the rights, as did the German publisher, Kiepenheuer, who apparently said he regretted having acquired the rights to the book and chose to sell them to a consortium of fifty publishers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, gathered under the name "UN-Charta Artikel 19."

Not only did Rushdie's publishers capitulate; other publishers also decided to break ranks and return to do business with Tehran. Oxford University Press decided to take part in the Tehran Book Fair, along with two American publishers, McGraw-Hill and John Wiley, despite the request of Rushdie's publisher, Viking Penguin, to boycott the Iranian event.

Those publishers chose to respond to murderous censorship with surrender, willing to sacrifice freedom of expression on the altar of business as usual: selling books was more important than solidarity with threatened colleagues.

It is as if at the time of the Nazis' book-burnings, Western publishers had not only stood silent, but had also invited a German delegation to Paris and New York. Is it so unimaginable today? [Gatestone Institute] Read more

‘Met ignored extremism among my fellow Muslim officers’

A former counterterrorism sergeant has attacked the Metropolitan police for failing to tackle extremist views among some of its Muslim officers for fear of being labelled “Islamophobic”.

Javaria Saeed, a practising Muslim who worked in Scotland Yard’s counterterrorism division, complained to her bosses after she witnessed a fellow Muslim officer saying female genital mutilation (FGM) — illegal in the UK since 1985 — was a “clean and honourable practice ” and “shouldn’t be criminalised”.

The same officer, a Muslim constable in the SO15 counterterrorism unit, also said female Muslim victims of domestic violence should not appeal to the police for help, but resolve their cases in a sharia court, except in “serious violent cases”, according to Saeed. However, although she raised both comments with her managers, she said they failed to take action against the officer because they were afraid of being accused of racism. [The Times (£)] Read more

10 September 2016

Traditions such as Christmas celebrations will die out unless people stand up for British values, government review finds

British laws and traditions such as the celebration of Christmas are under threat and must be vigorously upheld to stop ethnic segregation dividing society, according to major government review.

Waves of immigration have rapidly changed the character of some state schools and left residents in parts of Britain feeling unsettled, the landmark report will say.

These issues must be tackled head on, rather than swept under the carpet by politically correct council officials who fear being labelled “racist” if they assert British values or raise concerns, it will say.

The findings emerged as part of a wide-ranging, year-long government study by Dame Louise Casey, the government’s integration tsar. [The Telegraph] Read more

Muslims urged not to SLAUGHTER ANIMALS in the streets of France at Eid

The animal rights activist has urged the French government to intervene to prevent "barbarism" and work towards "appeasement" asking instead that followers of Islam make sacrifices by giving to the poor.

In France the government has been providing skips because many followers discard their carcasses to rot in the streets after they have killed them.

While it is illegal to slaughter an animal publicly it is allowed for Muslims to go to a slaughterhouse and carry out the act for religious reasons.

However, those breaking the law and killing animals outside of mandated areas became such a problem environmental health departments had to step in to provide bins because sheep carcasses were causing a public health problem. [Daily Express] Read more

09 September 2016

European Muslims are not new. Nor are they all the same

With so many passions aroused in Europe by the impact of the refugee crisis, rising populism, fear of terrorism, not to mention confused debates over secularism and burkinis, exploring what European Muslims think has arguably never been more important. One interesting figure is the grand mufti of Slovenia who I met at a recent conference in Austria, held by the International Peace Institute.

Slovenia is a predominantly Catholic country of two million people – among them, an estimated 50,000 Muslims. The country’s first mosque is currently under construction in the capital, Ljubljana. Building it required the overcoming of many political and administrative hurdles – these were eventually cleared when Slovenia’s constitutional court ruled that denying a minority the right to a place of worship ran counter to religious freedoms.

Unsurprisingly, Grand Mufti Nezad Grabus thinks these are difficult times for Muslims in Europe. They constantly have to fend off suspicions of links with radical Islamism or terrorism. [Natalie Nougayrède, 379 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 615 votes] "How European societies embrace growing diversity will in many ways determine the fate of our democracies. Paying more attention to the differences among Europe’s Muslims, rather than seeing them as a homogeneous bloc, could be a way forward."

Keep pushing, keep raising the temperature with your elitist tone-deafness and you're going to see the reaction of all reactions.

Europeans do not want this 'diversity' yet you continue to tell us that we do.

[2ND 500 ] Why don't other religions get this blanket coverage from The Guardian? Perhaps if Islam was treated no differently from other religions - tolerated, mocked, ignored etc -then we wouldn't have seen the backlash against it that we have seen throughout much of Europe.

[3RD 468] Just look at the pew poll data. The vast majority of muslims surveyed across the world hold what would be considered conservative beliefs regarding marriage, homosexuality, equality of the sexes, freedom of speech and law amongst others. If the question was levelled at me "do you want a group primarily comprised of people like that coming into your country in significant numbers?" My answer would be, emphatically, "no". [Guardian Cif] Read more

Facilitating More Religious Segregation In Faith Schools Can Only Harm Social Cohesion

In a move devoid of any common sense, Theresa May’s government looks set to capitulate to the demands of religious groups by relaxing admissions rules for faith-based academies, allowing them to select all pupils along religious lines.

It’s hard to think of a more retrograde policy than the facilitation of greater religious segregation of children and young people in our education system.

What are we to make of the Government’s warnings about schoolchildren from minority religious backgrounds having little or no understanding of others, when their policies seem destined to exacerbate exactly that?

Only last year the schools minister Lord Nash said the Government had “no plans to review the 50% limit for faith-based admissions to free schools”, describing the cap as “an important way of supporting these schools to be inclusive and to meet the needs of a broad mix of families”.

So what changed? [The Huffington Post UK] Read more

British police force says it may allow female officers to wear burkas as part of uniform

A police force could become the first in the country to allow officers to wear the full-face veil after it launched a recruitment drive to increase diversity.

West Midlands Police said it has “no barriers” relating to the burka as they announced that they would discuss allowing the traditional Islamic dress to become part of a policewoman’s uniform.

Chief Constable David Thompson said he would look into employing officers who wear the burka if the issue arose, as the force tries to increase the percentage of black and minority ethnic (BME) officers in the region to 30 per cent.

The move was last night criticised by MPs, including David Davies, who worked as a police officer in London for nine years and told the Telegraph he is “horrified” by the suggestion.

The hijab - which does not cover the face - has been approved as uniform by the Metropolitan Police and Police Scotland, but it is believed West Midlands is the first force to consider allowing officers to wear full-face burkas or niqabs. [The Telegraph] Read more

Why the world’s Muslim population is growing so very, very quickly

This week, I reported a story for The Post from Jakarta on the “Muslim youth bulge” — the surge in youth in the Muslim world — and explored why this could be a recipe for instability. As a journalist and a young person (I’m 26), I’m fascinated by how young people shape society — sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

One thing that’s very clear from academic literature on demography and social change is that young people matter. When they feel that the system is stacked against them, they tend to demonstrate — think of Occupy Wall Street, and of how “We-need-a-political-revolution” Bernie Sanders won 70 percent of the youth vote in the Democratic primaries.

What’s clear, though, is that in societies that aren’t democracies, young people who are disappointed by their lack of opportunity have fewer outlets by which to peacefully effect political change.

One reason, then, for apprehension about the huge size of the Muslim world’s youth population is that much of this growth is happening in its least developed parts, where there are the fewest opportunities for peaceful political expression. [The Washington Post] Read more

08 September 2016

Bavarian CSU call for drastic tightening of immigration laws

The conservative Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) published a policy paper on Thursday demanding wholesale changes to German immigration laws, placing further pressure on the embattled Angela Merkel.

The document puts forward a raft of demands, some old some new, adding to tension between the ultra-conservative CSU and the more mainstream CDU, led by Chancellor Merkel.

It calls for an upper limit of 200,000 to the number of asylum seekers Germany accepts each year and for no one to be allowed inside Germany before they have been given a right to asylum.

It also includes rules which would affect migrants more generally, such as the abolition of dual citizenship and "the banning of the burqa in public to the greatest extent that is legally possible."

"Whoever doesn't want to do without a burqa or niqab can find another country to live in." [The Local] Read more

Italy expels Muslim cleric who refused to accept gender parity

A Moroccan man who served as a "stand-in imam" in a mosque in northern Italy was forcibly repatriated home because he refused to accept Italian constitutional rights such as gender parity, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said Thursday.

Following the Charlie Hebdo Islamist attacks in Paris in January 2015, Italy adopted legislation making it easier for police to arrest or expel suspected terrorists. Since then, 115 have been sent home, including 12 imams, Alfano said in a statement.

The latest case concerns a 33-year-old who acted as secretary of the Muslim Community of Treviso, an industrial town in north-east Italy about 40 kilometres north of Venice. He was put on a plane to Casablanca late on Wednesday, the minister said.

The decision was taken because the man refused to swear on the constitution before taking up Italian citizenship, arguing that his ultra-conservative Salafist Islam beliefs were "fully incompatible" with Italy‘s fundamental laws. [europe online] Read more

Islamopuffery on Australia's SBS: "Corporate Hijabs Encourge Diversity, Inclusiveness in Workplace"

The mind boggles. Islam is the most relentless and aggressive monoculture the world has ever known; and its doctrine of 'loyalty and enmity', its rejection of reciprocity, its rejection of the Golden Rule (see Quran 48.29), its grim division of the world into Dar al Islam, the house of Islam (Submission) and Dar al Harb (the House of War), are anything but 'inclusive', they revolve around exclusion, the 'othering' of all non-Muslims as dirty, as enemy, as subhuman, 'the worst of beasts', and yet, for females belonging to this cult to be enabled and encouraged to flaunt their Gang Colours, their Sharia Badge - in a workplace where every non-Islamic colleague or customer is someone whom said females' cult defines as a target for conversion, subjugation as a near-slave dhimmi, or death - is being represented as the ultimate in 'diversity' and 'inclusiveness'. [The Iconoclast] Read more