09 September 2014


The last month has produced a huge amount of news about ISIS, the latest Islamic violence in the Middle East. We have chosen not to cover it on LibertyPhile in line with our policy.

"The site does not cover terrorism, the Palestinian problem, the wars in the Middle East, and ongoing conflicts in Muslim countries. These are all issues of great concern but they are covered extensively elsewhere."

ISIS is of course a particular and violent manifestation of the issues our news items and links illustrate, Islam's continuing clash with modernity, other beliefs, and secular and democratic ideas.

07 September 2014

Probe into 'Trojan Horse' school suspected of funding extremism

In June, the entire governing body was barred from the premises of Al-Hijrah School in Bordesley Green, Birmingham, after it was revealed that it was facing a £900,000 deficit.

Now Birmingham City Council has confirmed it is carrying out an investigation into “financial irregularities” surrounding the school’s finances.

Last week the council’s cabinet member for children and family services Brigid Jones was questioned by Parliament’s Education Committee about the inquiry into the 100 per cent Muslim school.

Graham Stuart, chairman of the committee, asked if the “misuse of money could have led to those monies being used for the purposes of extremism”.

She said: “The school has a rent agreement with a trust and we know that money goes into that trust.

“As to what the trust does with the money, that is subject to an investigation and it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.” [Daily Express] Read more

06 September 2014

Germany won't tolerate 'Sharia police'

The German government has strongly criticized nightly patrols in the city of Wuppertal by men calling themselves "Sharia police." The 33-year-old behind the patrols claimed that their goal was only to raise attention.

Conservative members of Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition put forward a united front at the weekend against recent developments in the city of Wuppertal. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said civilians wearing uniforms bearing the logo "Shariah police" could not simply start patrolling German streets.

Salafisten in Deutschland

The groups reportedly hovered around sites like discotheques and gambling houses, telling passers-by to refrain from gambling and alcohol. Wuppertal's police have begun pressing charges. [Deutsche Welle] Read more

05 September 2014

Police throw book at Shariah vigilantes

Charges of unlawful assembly and use of uniform in public were brought against 11 members of a group trying to enforce aspects of strict Islamic Sharia law in the North Rhine-Westphalia city, a spokeswoman for the Wuppertal police told The Local.

Officers stopped the 11-man group on the street on Wednesday. Some were wearing orange vests bearing the words 'Shariah Police', in violation of federal German law, the spokeswoman said.

The group has been stopping young people at local drinking and gambling establishments and urging them to abstain from activities deemed to be ungodly according to Islam. [The Local] Read more

Inside Jobs and Israeli Stooges: Why Is the Muslim World in Thrall to Conspiracy Theories?

Did you know that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of Isis, was trained by Mossad and the CIA? Were you aware that his real name isn't Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri al-Samarrai but Simon Elliot? Or that he's a Jewish actor who was recruited by the Israelis to play the part of the world's most wanted terrorist?

If the messages in my email in-box and my Twitter timeline and on my Facebook page are anything to go by, plenty of Muslims are not only willing to believe this nonsensical drivel but are super-keen to share it with their friends. The bizarre claim that NSA documents released by Edward Snowden "prove" the US and Israel are behind al-Baghdadi's actions has gone viral.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] Great question. How can anyone with an unwavering belief in angels, virgin births, and an unseen supernatural power that writes books and sends down messengers POSSIBLY ever believe in conspiracy theories? [The Huffington Post UK] Read more

The fight against intolerance begins at home - By Eric Pickles

Britain has a duty to oppose religious and political extremism - be it the English Defence League or the supporters of jihad - in every corner of the land.

This summer, we have seen Christians being systematically persecuted and murdered in the Middle East; anti-Semitic attacks and protests soaring in response to the Israeli government’s intervention in Gaza; institutionalised political correctness leading to appalling sexual abuse against children by Pakistani Muslims; and murders carried out by Isil terrorists who may have included Britons indoctrinated to preach evil at home and enact it abroad.

The common theme is the politics of division and hate: attitudes and mantras that seek to divide rather than unite. Aggressive secularists would advocate the suppression of religion in the public sphere. Yet this would only perpetuate the message of intolerance towards others. Religion is the not the problem – political and religious extremism is.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] It's all very well to be tolerant of other peoples and religions - a stance I fully support. However, when a people settle themselves in our home and are intolerant towards us, we have to have the courage to draw a line. So much and no more.

Who amongst you politicians is honest and brave enough to say and act upon what has to be done to defend our own country? Tolerance and respect is a two way street. Appeasement of an intolerant culture never has, and never will bring resolve.

It is profoundly dishonest to speak of the EDL in the same context as people who do us actual harm. I've yet to hear of EDL supporters hacking someone's head off or planting bombs. Do you think, Eric, that you are an honest man?

[SECOND] What the heck is this? Jihadis are directly threatening us, our society and our way of life and in an article about extremists, the EDL gets first billing!

The EDL wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Anjem Choudray and his bunch of misfits (it was their outrageous protests at a military parade for our returning servicemen that caused the EDL to be formed in the first place) and the PC/diversity/multiculti hand wringing non-response of the authorities to it. No, you must tolerate aggressive and threatening protests by extremist loonies, it would be "racist" to object.

Well I'm sorry, but I do object and if Britain is to remain "a place of justice and tolerance towards others" that means dealing directly with those who threaten it, not looking around for excuses and appeasing such appalling behaviour.

[THIRD] Apologies are due the English Defence League and the British National Party - they have been consistently right about the issues which the Establishment has been so miserably wrong about. Go, Mr Pickles, you have nothing to say on this subject worthy of consideration.

[FOURTH] Eric Pickles was Chair of Bradford's Education Committee when Ray Honeyford was persecuted for having the audacity to criticise multiculturalism. And now the fool is lecturing everyone else on 'tolerance'? Sickening. [The Telegraph] Read more

04 September 2014

Geert Wilders: "Recognize that Islam Is the Problem"

.... My critics are right. Indeed, my message had been the same during all these years. And today, I will repeat the same message about Islam again. For the umpteenth time. As I have been doing for ten years and two days.

I have been vilified for my film Fitna. And not just vilified, but even prosecuted. Madam Speaker, while not so many years ago, everyone refused to broadcast my film Fitna, we can today watch Fitna 2, 3, 4 and 5 daily on our television screens. It is not a clash of civilizations that is going on, but a clash between barbarism and civilization.

The Netherlands has become the victim of Islam because the political elite looked away. Here, in these room, they are all present, here and also in the Cabinet, all these people who looked away. Every warning was ignored. [Diana West] Read more

Muslim leader calls for Islamic beliefs to be accepted in Irish schools

.... He also writes that there is “a clash of values” when it comes to the “traditional ways of teaching PE [Physical Education/Gym class]” in Ireland. Selim explains that in some Irish schools “under the guise of health and safety, Muslim girls are obliged to take off their headscarves for PE classes, which is not acceptable to them.”

He claims that if the schools were “persistent” with this rule they should “employ a female PE teacher and provide students with a sports hall not accessible to men during times when girls are at play. "They should also not be visible to men while at play.” He adds that female Muslims should not have to change their clothes in a communal area.

Selim writes that while some Muslims would see music as prohibited if it “is performed using non-tuneable percussion instruments such as drums, most Muslims will have no problem.”

He adds that any “physical contact between members of the opposite sex who can be legally married is forbidden in Islam” and that “gender role-reversal is not permissible.”

[TOP RATED COMMENT] Now the demands start ... and they won't end. They want to change Ireland to their way of thinking and living, you have to wonder why in god's name did they come but they are trying to do this all over the world and we can't let it happen.

They can believe whatever they want but it's a personal thing and must be kept that way. If Irish schools are not suitable then don't go, if the country is not to your liking and you can't abide by the rules of your host country then leave.

[SECOND] Amazing that when Irish people visit Muslim countries they must abide by Muslim rules , yet when Muslims move to Ireland they want Ireland to bow to their beliefs....very arrogant indeed

[THIRD] What a sectarian bigot! This is Ireland, respect our laws and traditions or go home!!! [IrishCentral] Read more

Spain opens door to ban on burqas

Speaking at a press conference, Díaz said that a ban on burqas could be included in the final version of Spain's draft Citizen Security Law, Spain's 20 minutos newspaper reported.

The draft bill, yet to be passed in the country's parliament, already includes provisions banning people from hiding their faces in demonstrations, Díaz noted.

Now could be a "good moment" to look to obtain "a level of consensus" on this issue, the interior minister noted.

Díaz stressed his department had no powers when it came to issues affecting the dignity of women, but could rule against the wearing of burqas and other full face veils on the grounds they made identification of people difficult. [The Local] Read more

03 September 2014

"Dangerous Laws"

It is more than six years since the then Archbishop of Canterbury gave what history will surely understand to be one of the most destructive speeches in modern Britain. The contents of Rowan Williams's 2008 speech talked of allowing a place for competing religious demands, including sharia law, in a multi-faith society.

The next day he clarified matters. In an interview with the BBC, he said there would "inevitably" be a place for sharia law in Britain and that (more importantly) the idea of there being "one law for all" in a country such as Britain seemed to him "dangerous."

.... They come about not because they are genuinely attractive, competitive moral norms but because of a loss of confidence in our own traditions and laws, and a resulting moral relativism in which nobody wants to make moral judgements. The most grotesque extreme to which this has led us has been on display again this week in the North of England, in Rotherham. [Gatestone Institute] Read more

Mosque in Jutland expresses support for IS

Fadi Abdallah, a spokesperson for the Grimhøj Mosque in Aarhus, said he would welcome the establishment of a Sharia-based caliphate in Syria.

“An Islamic state will always be what we Muslims yearn for, and therefore we cannot help but support the IS,” Abdallah told Den Korte Avis. “Even if they have made mistakes, we must wait and see.”

“I understand why they are killing people”

The Islamic State genocide of Iraqis and Syrians, and its apparent beheading of now two American journalists. has angered people worldwide, but Abdallah held fast to his support of the group and said that while he does not support the violence, he accepts it as necessary.

“Things are different down there than they are here, and I understand why they are killing people," he said. [The Copenhagen Post] Read more

Call for State schools to accommodate Islamic beliefs

A spokesman for the Muslim community in Ireland has called for radical change in the educational system to accommodate children with Islamic beliefs.

Dr Ali Selim, of the Islamic Cultural Centre in Dublin’s Clonskeagh and a lecturer in the Mater Dei Institute and Trinity College, has called for “a revolution of inclusivity” in Irish schools and “an upheaval in Irish educational perspectives”.

This was necessary to accommodate the needs of a society which is now “home to a variety of Christian denominations, as well as people of other faiths and of none”, he says in his book Islam and Education in Ireland, to be published next week.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] While I'm sure there will be many a knee jerk reaction to Dr Selim's statement, perhaps instead of condemning one particular faith it would be much more appropriate to remove religious ethos from all state schools. Religious ideology has no place in education in the modern world, it's a personal belief and should be practiced in private.

[SECOND] No. No. No. We need to get religion out of schools. Schools should teach facts not faith based fictions. The Islamic hoards in Iraq have the stated objective of taking over the world. They crave Armageddon and death.

There view of human sexuality is ill considered and based on the trash written in the desert 1,400 years ago and ignores human biology. No wonder his sexually frustrated IS brethren are raping every woman they can lay their hands on in Iraq and Syria. Ali get off the stage and take your twisted religion with you.

[THIRD] This is not about inclusivity at all ... this is about exclusivity! We are moving towards a secular society and this would be a major step backwards. All you need to look at is the trojan horse approach regarding islamic schools in Birmingham.

Under the guise of tolerance and inclusiveness unacceptable practices and teachings became core e.g students were shown fundamentalist videos and anti christian chanting in classes. Muslim immigrants need to adapt to our western way of life otherwise this whole multi cultural project breaks down.

[ANOTHER] With all due respect to Dr. Selim, these are not religious differences, they are societal differences. In our society, boys and girls integrate in school, play sport together, have physical contact, play music, and when they are old enough they receive sex education. These elements of our societal "norms" are not dictated or even guided by any religion or religious beliefs.

.... Can Dr. Selim tell me what are my chances of taking my family to Iran and insisting that my beliefs are accommodated when I put my children into an Islamic school? Impossible, of course. We would be obliged to adjust to the restrictive societal norms of that country and my daughters and I would be obliged to wear headscarves, even if I strongly believe they should not.

It's called integration.

[ANOTHER] From the steaming froth of my pint, listening to music and living in Ireland ... is this guy for real? I will head off to the Levant and preach the replacement their traditons for my atheism and iconography. Like ... bars in their Universities for example ... [THE IRISH TIMES] Read more

A Muslim inmate's beard isn't a security risk. It's his constitutional right

.... soon, the US supreme court will hear arguments as to whether a Muslim inmate has the right to wear a 13mm (0.5in) beard in an Arkansas prison. The inmate, Gregory H Holt, argues that he has a bona fide religious belief that is being impeded by the state by not allowing his long beard, while the government’s rebuttal is that such a beard poses a security threat to his person and other prisoners.

For Muslim prisoners unable to perform congregational prayers every day and who lack access to halal meat, something as seemingly mundane as a beard can be one of the few ways they are allowed to practice their faith. [Guardian Cif] Read more

Saudi Arabia: Court of Appeal upholds sentence of human rights defender Raif Badawi

On 1 September 2014 the Court of Appeal in Jeddah upheld the sentence of human rights defender Raif Badawi. He was sentenced on 7 May 2014 to 10 years in prison, 1000 lashes and a 10 year travel ban to start on expiration of his jail sentence, a ban on using media outlets and a fine of one million Saudi Riyals (about US$266,600).

Raef Badawi is co-founder and editor of the website Liberal Saudi Network, a website and on-line forum created to foster political and social debate in Saudi Arabia. He has been detained since 17 June 2012 in a prison in Briman in Jeddah. His sentence stemmed from the creation of the website and his calls for reforms in the Kingdom. [Gulf Centre for Human Rights] Read more

02 September 2014

Beyond Rotherham: Muslims are also silent victims of sexual abuse

It’s tiring work being a Muslim in the UK today. If we aren’t being asked to defend the actions of extremists, we are distancing ourselves from the “Asian gangs” who are preying on vulnerable white girls to sexually exploit.

The report on the extent of sexual abuse in Rotherham, and the failure of the authorities to protect the young girls they were responsible for is yet another story that has been blamed on failures of “multiculturalism” in the UK.

Sensationalist news stories cry out that Asian men target young white girls due to unresolvable “cultural issues” or “unhappy marriages”, or simply because of a lack of respect for white, British girls.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 502 votes] I'm confused - for the last few days the Guardian have been publishing article after article claiming there isn't really any problem in these communities and it is due to other factors.

Now you are telling us there are issues.

Which is it?

[SECOND 493v] Not surprised by this to be honest. This is a community where women are blamed for bringing shame on the family if they are raped.

There was recently a case in Bradford where a female student studying here from Bangladesh was basically held captive by her abuser, raped, beaten and treated as a sex slave by a manipulative psychopath (of Pakistani origin).

The case made it to court and the abuser was jailed but the girl was shunned by her family as she had 'brought shame on them'. After all she had been through the family decided it was best to cut all ties with her. How seriously fucked up is that?

With this in mind no wonder people in this community keep quiet if they are abused. Truly vile

[THIRD 446v] I have often wondered why, amongst those rather stupid questions about cricket, etc. in the questionnaire for new entrants to Britain, there is not a series of questions along the lines of:

Do you recognise that in Britain women have the same rights as men?

Will you promise not to engage in any of the following practices:
# forcing your relatives into marriage
# forbidding them to engage in relationships with people outside your religious group
# violence against women and particularly shame punishments and killings.

If it was made clear that failure to adhere to these promises might result in deportation, I wonder how many men would start to examine their "cultural traditions" and question them.

[FOURTH 394v] The problem is rooted in a misogynistic culture which sees women as chattels and as vessels of tribal/family honour (defined in purely sexual terms). If a girl or woman is abused or exploited, it is seen primarily as damaging her 'value', not as a crime by her abuser.

How many women and girls are likely to come forward when there is a risk it may lead to them becoming victims again, this time of 'honour crimes'? They need support in this, and there needs to be a real drive towards integration.

[FIFTH 365v] "It’s tiring work being a Muslim in the UK today." This is in very bad taste. After Rotherham, the Birmingham schools, and the proliferation of jihadists, self-pity is the last sentiment I would expect from someone presuming to talk on behalf British Muslims. [Guardian Cif] Read more

Saudi police beat British man who paid female clerk in shop

A British businessman who brought stand-up comedy to Saudi Arabia has been beaten by the country’s religious police while shopping with his wife.

Peter Howarth-Lees and his Saudi-born wife, Abeer al-Fouti, were repeatedly punched and kicked after he had tried to pay a female cashier at a supermarket in Riyadh.

Three members of the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, or Haia, had confronted him, accusing him of breaking the kingdom’s rules by using a female cashier while not part of a family group. [The Times (£)] Read more

Danish mosque declares support for Isis

A spokesman for the Aarhus mosque Grimhøjmoskeen has openly declared the mosque’s support of the terrorist organisation Islamic State, or Isis.

“An Islamic state will always be what Muslims long for, therefore we cannot help but to support the Islamic State. Even if it makes mistakes, we will just have to wait and see,” mosque spokesman Fadi Abdallah told the online news source Den Korte Avis.

“The conditions aren’t the same down there [in Syria and Iraq, ed.] as they are here. I can fully understand why people are getting killed,” he continued.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] Destroy that Mosque! Arrest those damn Imans!!! I don't mind Islam, but I mind radical Islam! To me the answer is simple, close down that mosque and arrest and deport all of its preachers and never allow them to come back! [The Local] Read more

Egypt fatwa bans online chats between sexes

Egypt’s top Islamic authority has prohibited online chat between unrelated men and women, triggering a big controversy in the country.

The Dar Al Ifta, Egypt’s official body in charge of advising Muslims on spiritual matters, said in the fatwa (a religious edict) that such chats are religiously impermissible “because they are one of the tools of the devil and a way for spreading discord and corruption.”

The institution also said that a woman should not send her photo to strangers to “protect herself and preserve her dignity”. It added that there is evidence of “moral deviants” who misused women’s photos to malign them. [Gulf News] Read more

Extremist video shown in Trojan school, MPs told

A violent extremist video was shown to pupils in a Birmingham state school, MPs investigating the alleged "Trojan Horse" plot have been told.

"It should have been stopped," said Ian Kershaw, who headed an inquiry into the allegations of a hard-line Muslim takeover of schools in Birmingham.

Former counter-terror chief Peter Clarke, who also investigated the claims, said there was no direct evidence of radicalisation.

But he found an "air of intolerance".

.... Mr Clarke said that he had come across a reluctance within the city council to confront the problems.

He said this had been driven by fears of being accused of racism and worries that it would upset "social cohesion". [BBC] Read more

01 September 2014

Crackdown on British jihadis 'will push youth further towards extremism'

Muslim Council of Britain says constant talk of legislation and monitoring is leading marginalised Muslims towards radicalism.

David Cameron's renewed crackdown on British-born extremists will push marginalised young people further towards radicalisation, the UK's biggest Muslim organisation has said.

Harun Khan, deputy secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), raised concerns about the prime minister's anti-terrorism strategy amid signs of a wider impasse in relations between the government and Muslim groups.

"They need to be talking to us and others to understand what it is that's leading these boys down this route," Khan told the Guardian. "Part of the problem is the constant talk of legislation, harassment and monitoring, stripping people of their passports. This is what's leading young people towards radicalism."

[TOP RATED COMMENT 1024 votes] "Part of the problem is the constant talk of legislation, harassment and monitoring, stripping people of their passports. This is what's leading young people towards radicalism."

No, that is simply untrue. The trends toward radicalism are far deeper than that.

[SECOND 965v] Big part of the problem are organizations such as the Mr Khan and the Muslim Council of Britain burying their heads in the sand and refusing to address the real issues.

[THIRD 772v] God forbid we should 'upset' muslims by trying to stop them indiscriminately slaughtering us all

[FOURTH 617v] Should we make them a cup of tea, give them a back rub and hope they don't blow us up?

We have been down the namby pamby route and it doesn't work.

[FIFTH 503v] How exactly are Muslims treated as the enemy within? Are Muslims arbitrarily arrested, tortured and executed in this country? Are Muslims persecuted for practising their faith in this country?

In fact Muslims in this country have far more rights than they do in Islamic countries. By contrast non-Muslims in Muslim majority countries often face terrible persecution, just look at Egypt, Saudia Arabia or Pakistan. British Muslims (like everybody else in Britain) are privileged to live in such a tolerant country.

[SIXTH 497v] OK Mr Khan & Mr Hussian what exactly has the "Muslim community" done to deal with this problem? What have been the actual results of what you have done? I consider myself a tolerant person but my patience with "the Muslim community" is wearing a bit thin.

[SEVENTH 489v] The sub-text of all this is that racist westerners are the root cause of extremism & terrorism.

Meanwhile in the middle east, extremists who have never even visited a western country burn down churches & execute infidels for being... infidels. Something doesn't add up. [The Guardian] Read more

Rotherham child sex abuse: it is our duty to ask difficult questions

Anyone who wants to fight for emancipation should not be afraid to examine religion and culture.

.... So how are we to deal with all this in our societies? In the debate about Leitkultur (the dominant culture) from a decade ago, conservatives insisted that every state was based on a predominant cultural space, which the members of other cultures who live in the same space should respect.

Instead of bemoaning the emergence of a new European racism heralded by such statements, we should turn a critical eye upon ourselves, asking to what extent our own abstract multiculturalism has contributed to this sad state of affairs. If all sides do not share or respect the same civility, then multiculturalism turns into a form of legally regulated mutual ignorance or hatred.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 551 votes] This was about criminals getting away with what they could get away with. They got away with it for a number of reasons, one of which was the problematic attitudes that some people in civil institutions had towards a kind of communalist identity politics multiculturalism.

That results in cultural and moral relativism, as well as fear of dealing with difficult questions regarding attitudes towards women and non Muslims in a criminal section of specifically British men of Pakistani Muslim origin.

This is a moment for parts of the Left to introspect deeply. Ann Cryer has stated that she was shunned for raising these issues. This catastrophic failure allowed the far-right to exploit the issue. It is imperative that the Left takes ownership of this, defends Muslims in general from generalisation, whilst simultaneously opposing certain cultural and religious attitudes that lead to abuse occuring.

There is a wider problem of the Left not opposing extremist forms of religion strongly enough. Salafis and Wahaabis that perpetuate hateful and supremacist ideas in our society must be opposed. Chauvinist ideas dressed up in the clothes of 'multiculturalism' and 'diversity' and 'moderation' must be opposed by the Left. Silence is no longer an option.

[SECOND 533v] What a curate's egg... Starts very well:

Gets a bit confused:

And finally ends in utter farce:

"Our axiom should be that the struggle against western neocolonialism as well as the struggle against fundamentalism, the struggle of WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden as well as the struggle of Pussy Riot, the struggle against antisemitism as well as the struggle against aggressive Zionism, are parts of one and the same universal struggle." Conflating every liberal-leftie bogeyman into the same 'great noble cause'

[THIRD 492v] You guessed it it's very important to keep up the "white man" narrative.

The blame for this scandal lies not with the Pakistani community not with the victims not with middle-aged white men but squarely on the perpetrators and their get out of jail free card for 20 years the liberal left as represented by this paper. [Guardian Cif] Read more

British man beaten by 'religious police' in Saudi Arabia for using women-only queue

A British businessman living in Saudi Arabia was set upon and beaten up by members of the country’s religious police after using a women-only cash till with his wife at a local supermarket.

Peter Howarth-Lees, who is married to a Saudi woman, was knocked to the ground and kicked by three members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, known as the Mutawa, who followed the couple out of the shop. [The Telegraph] Read more

The Plot to Islamise Birmingham’s Schools

.... What Clarke and Kershaw found was that although Birmingham City Council, the DfE and Ofsted had each been separately warned that hardline Muslim governors were targeting schools, none of them were talking to each other or to the Education Funding Agency, whose job is to ensure that the new academies like Park View and free schools comply with funding rules. "There was absolutely no sharing of intelligence," said one official.

.... Yet the roots of the Trojan Horse agenda predate Gove by at least a generation. They go back to the creation of the main umbrella for Muslim schools, the Association of Muslim Schools UK (AMS UK), the International Board of Educational Research and Resources (IBERR), and the MCB.

Tahir Alam and some of the Park View Brothers have been associated with or held positions in these bodies, which have been inspired by a broad global Islamist movement that has morphed from the original Cairo-based Muslim Brotherhood. That movement sees no distinction between Islam as a spiritual faith, a way of life and a political ideology. [Standpoint] Read more

Too many of Britain’s Muslims are failing to integrate. We need to find out why

I don’t know why we have a specific problem of Muslim integration. I’m not sure anyone does. But I suspect one of the reasons is no one has really taken the time or effort to formally try and find out. And now we have to take time.

Because this I do know. The days when we could simply ignore the issue are over. Rotherham represented a watershed. Denial led the to the systematic rape of thousands of our children. It is no longer an option.

I know this as well. We cannot continue to tackle this problem in our current piecemeal fashion. More control orders, and Ofsted inspections and community liaison officers and local authority ombudsmen will not fix what is broken here.

Britain’s Muslims are failing to integrate. We need to find out why.

[COMMENTS ARE CLOSED] [The Telegraph] Read more

Mosul’s first death by stoning

.... An open invitation had been issued by the bearded gunmen roaming the streets of the Bab Al Sham neighbourhood in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul: Come and watch the first death by stoning in this town, they said.

Mosul was taken over by Sunni Muslim extremists from the group now known as the Islamic State in early June, when Iraqi army forces fled the metropolis. Since then the extremists have established their own set of rules and their version of strict religious law. [www.al-bab.com] Read more