About This Site

The LibertyPhile site brings together news and analysis about Islam and how it does or doesn't fit in with modern secular and democratic ideas and the issues it sometimes creates.

The Themes

There are numerous websites covering Islam in this context and there are several close in scope and spirit to this website.

This site is different to the degree that it organises the flow of information into themes which the site authors think the most important, thus making it easier and quicker for both regular and occasional readers to understand what is going on.

The themes are:

Attitudes (based on professional polls and surveys)
Islamic Beliefs & Practices
Islamic Beliefs & Practices (Politics)
Islamic Education & Knowledge
Islam in Schools
Freedom of Religion
Freedom of Speech
Getting Along Together (or Not)
Integration or Multiculturalism
Islam & Europe
Organisations & Politics
Islamic Reform & Moderation
Scholarly Input
Violence & Islam
Women & Islam

The site does not cover terrorism, violent conflict and civil disorder, the Palestinian problem, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, or ongoing conflicts in Muslim countries. These are all issues of great concern. They are covered extensively elsewhere and sometimes crowd out the important issues we cover.

We are more like a magazine than a newspaper and select news items and articles that have lasting interest. The posts under each theme are a Resource on that theme.

Our aim is to update the site once a week.