23 November 2010

This trend of young Muslim girls wearing the hijab is disturbing

Anyone walking on the streets of Egypt will notice a phenomenon that wasn't so evident only a year ago: the increasing numbers of little girls (and by "little", I mean as young as eight years old in some cases) wearing headscarves and abayas. While this sight was previously confined to third-class trains and rural areas, it has now become increasingly common in cities and among well-to-do families.

[COMMENT] I thought that the point of the hijab was that men would not be tempted or sexually aroused by the sight of women from the age of puberty until death. The fact they are now having to cover up girl children tells us more about the men in these countries/religion/culture than it does about the women.

[COMMENT] I just find the philosophy behind the hijab - women must cover up or they will inflame men - equally insulting to both genders. It casts women as the eternal harlots who are constantly asking for it, and men as slaves to their baser instincts who can't even see a woman's face without losing control. Call me crazy, but I give men more credit than that.

That even very young girls are now being viewed as sexual temptresses... it's worrying, to say the least. [Guardian Cif] Read more