29 December 2010

David Cameron must face the challenge of Islamisation

.... the Government needs to start dismantling an Islamisation that threatens the freedoms of ordinary Britons – including Muslims who are confined to ghettos that can be difficult to leave, especially for women.

In the long run, halting this erosion of freedom may prove just as important a challenge for the Coalition as easing the pain of cuts. Few subjects are more difficult to discuss without causing offence. Even so, this particular conversation is long overdue. [telegraph.co.uk] Read more

Clamp down on imaginary Islamisation, says Torygraph .... I do not think that those who circulate these stories in the British media really hate Muslims, unlike those right-wing bloggers; I think they are simply amoral, motivated only by money.

They have enormous power — consider how the government leapt after they shouted “jump” over undeported foreign convicts a few years ago — and show no desire to use it responsibly. There is nothing to appease by clamping down on Muslims on the basis of these manufactured stories; the papers will simply choose another target. The only thing for it is to clamp down on the profiteers who peddle these stories. [Indigo Jo Blogs] Read more