24 January 2011

Baroness Warsi Special Edition

In addition to the regular update this week LibertyPhile includes a Baroness Warsi “Special Edition”, 25 extracts and links to articles reporting her recent controversial speech.

Baroness Warsi is Minister without Portfolio in the British government and Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party.

This particular story gets this degree of extra attention because it elicits and sums up so well the huge gap between European Muslims and the rest of us. If Lady Warsi gets it so badly wrong we have a difficult road ahead.

The articles are all reported under the 24 January, so they are listed all together below, and are classified, Positive, Negative and Neutral or Yes & No.

The first post links to the speech itself.

Baroness Warsi's Sternberg lecture at the University of Leicester

Neutral or Yes & No

A debate which goes far beyond the dinner table – and back again Wales Online
Sayeeda's Warsi's right about Muslims but wrong about extremism Paul Goodman, ConservativeHome
Sayeeda Warsi: A matter of pride and prejudice Andrew Anthony, The Observer
David Cameron won't back 'Islamophobia' claims James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph


Lady Warsi is right to confront anti-Muslim prejudice Ghaffar Hussain, Guardian Cif
Warsi was right to speak out: Hatred of Muslims is one of the last bastions of British bigotry Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph
Muslim leaders back Lady Warsi's comments on Islamophobia Robert Booth, Guardian
In defence of Baroness Warsi - the sequel Mehdi Hasan, New Statesman
Islamophobia is the moral blind spot of modern Britain Giles Fraser, Guardian Cif


Baroness Warsi triggers backlash over 'Islamophobia' James Chapman, Daily Mail
Lady Warsi and the concept of extremism Andrew Brown, Guardian Cif
Baroness Warsi: the politics of Muslims, liberals and intolerance James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph
Just whose side is Baroness Warsi on? Melanie Phillips, The Spectator
Lady Warsi's problematic distinction Heresiarch, Heresy Corner
Lady Warsi's speech will do more harm than good Daily Express
What kind of dinner parties do you go to, Baroness? Richard Littlejohn, Daily Mail
Baroness Warsi Has Some Explaining To Do Effendi, The Spittoon
It was selfish – and wrong – of Lady Warsi to give that speech Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph
Peter Oborne is making excuses for Muslim totalitarians David Green, ConservativeHome
The Brits don't diss over dinner, Baroness Warsi Victoria Coren, Guardian Cif
It's not a phobia, Lady Warsi - it's rational to fear Minette Marrin, The Sunday Times
Baroness Warsi's speech on Islamophobia was packed with sanctimonious generalities Jenny McCartney, Daily Telegraph
Speech Fails To Address Concerns About The Rise of Sharia in Britain Aeneas, Liberties Alliance
Open warfare round the dinner table: the mediasphere responds to Baroness Warsi British Humanist Association
Baroness Warsi should think twice before accusing Christians of bigotry Norman Tebbit, Daily Telegraph
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