13 February 2015

Pakistan must review its archaic and divisive blasphemy laws

“Is questioning blasphemy also blasphemy?” was the question in the media this week.

The province with the highest score of blasphemy charges is poised to speed up 50 under trial blasphemy cases.

Reportedly, 50 cases have been extracted from a list of 262 on trial in various courts across Punjab for over five years.

Although the cases under scrutiny are all Muslim, it is no secret that the Black Laws are gags for progressives and weapons of oppression and revenge against women and religious communities.

Since the time of their inclusion in the Constitution in 1986 by Zia-ul Haq, 1,300 people have been victimised by the most dreaded of edicts in Pakistan. The figure has burgeoned since 2010. [Daily Mail] Read more