03 November 2017

Anger over debate asking whether 'Trojan Horse' plot to take over Birmingham schools really happened

A debate about the Trojan Horse affair has been cancelled after organisers were accused of attempting mislead the local community.

Pressure group MEND was due to host the event at the Bordesley Centre in Stratford Road, Birmingham, on November 3.

Speakers were to discuss whether the Trojan Horse affair really did take place in the way it has been described.

An inquiry in 2014 by Peter Clarke, who was appointed Education Commissioner for Birmingham by the Government, found “a sustained and coordinated agenda to impose upon children in a number of Birmingham schools the segregationist attitudes and practices of a hardline and politicised strand of Sunni Islam.”

But MEND publicity material advertising the event said: “Has a hoax letter, a media scrum, a forceful education secretary and political motivations in education regulation lead to the stigmatisation of a community, discrimination against outstanding teachers/school leaders and exam failure for a generation of children?” [Birmingham Mail] Read more