16 January 2018

Luton Islamic school's pupils 'have to ask for loo roll'

Inspectors found children at an independent school having to ask for toilet paper, and washing their cutlery in toilet sinks.

The Olive Tree Primary School in Luton is an Islamic day school that caters for nearly 80 pupils aged between five and 11 years old.

The education watchdog Ofsted found a number of standards were not met.

The school has been approached for comment on the findings but has yet to respond.

In their report, inspectors told how "inappropriate books" which "did not promote British values" had been found during a previous inspection.

Despite school leaders stating the titles had been removed, the books, which include some by a banned author with "extreme views about punishment by death", were still on the shelves when inspectors re-visited the establishment in November. [BBC] Read more