23 September 2009

Christians face trial for criticising Islam

Cranmer has said this a million times: Islam is not a race. It is a religio-political construct expounding a doctrine of life in complete submission to the will and purposes of Allah, mediated by the teachings and actions of Mohammed who is believed to be a prophet, and who fought the indigenous tribes of Mecca for eight years, finally defeating them with his 10,000 strong army.

He told his followers to make war on non-Muslims (9:5,29). Sura 9 was one of the last Suras given by Muhammad. Initially, when Mohammed's forces were weak, he ordered his followers to form treaties and engage in diplomacy. When they had attained positions of power and strength, he ordered them to spread Islam by force. Abu Bakr, Umar, and Uthman continued his wars of aggression.

One of Mohammad’s actions includes the massacre of approximately 800 Jewish male captives (Sura 33:26). Ergo, he was a 'warlord'. In the United Kingdom, one is at perfect liberty to say this or to disagree with it. [Archbishop Cranmer] Read more