24 October 2009

Muslim student, 18, banned from college because she refuses to remove her burkha

A Muslim student has been banned from enrolling at a college because she refused to remove her burkha. Shawana Bilqes, 18, wanted to wear the garment - which covers her body and face, leaving only her eyes visible - during lessons.

But staff at Burnley College refused to enrol her, claiming the burkha was a barrier to 'safety and communication'. In a strongly worded statement, the college said 'unimpeded' face to face contact between teachers and students was vital. [MailOnline] Read more

Muslim girl banned from college for refusing to take veil off .... When Sister Shawana Bilqes claims Islam forbids her from taking off her veil I say bollocks. Where in Islam, the Quran or Sunnah does it say Muslim women should dress like Ninjas.

Yes wearing the Hijab, simplicity, modesty, avoiding aggressively showing ones beauty are all within the tenets of Islam but this fad, that tends to stem from the backward up north brigade, who claim the veil is compulsory is bullshit. [London Muslim] Read more