09 June 2011

Woman weightlifter fights to compete in hijab

A 35-year-old weightlifter is battling to be able to compete in the sport she loves while wearing a hijab instead of the body-hugging uniform that's required.

.... But when her coaches asked whether she would be able to wear her modified uniform--which covers everything but her face, hands, and feet--the organizers told told them no.

Abdullah talked to some lawyer friends, who told her that other athletes had won their bids to wear different clothing for religious reasons. So she tried again, this time personally writing to USA Weightlifting with her request, and asking the group if it could compromise on a uniform.

Officials with the group wrote back and said they had to follow the rules of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), which mandates collarless uniforms and doesn't allow exceptions. [Yahoo! News Network] Read more [via Islamophobia Watch]