22 March 2018

Anti-Islam PVV wins city council seats in 30 municipalities

Geert Wilders and his PVV won city council seats seats in each one of the 30 municipalities the party participated in during the municipal elections on Wednesday. In total the PVV currently stands on 74 seats, the Volkskrant reports.

During the previous municipal elections four years ago, the PVV only participated in two municipalities - Almere and The Hague. The party got fewer seats in those two municipalities this time around. In Almere the party dropped from nine to seven seats, and in The Hague from seven to two seats.

In Nissewaard, which covers Spijkenisse and its surroundings, the party won five seats. Relatively, the PVV got the most votes in Rucphen - 20.3 percent - giving it four seats. The PVV also won four seats in Terneuzen and in Venlo, and two in Rotterdam. The party is now also in the city councils of cities like Zaanstad, Enschede, Zoetermeer, Arnhem, Maastricht and Den Bosch. [NL Times] Read more