21 March 2018

Muslims place greater importance on national identity, finds UK study

More than half see being British as important, compared with 44% of general population.

They also place greater emphasis on education, and identify more strongly with their religious identity than their non-Muslim peers.

The 75-page report from Ipsos Mori analysed research and opinion polls conducted since 2010 to paint a comprehensive picture of British Muslims.

The UK’s Muslim population was 3 million at the 2011 census, but was estimated last year to be 4.1 million, or 6.3% of the population. Almost half are under the age of 24 and one-third are under 15, making them the fastest-growing group among young Britons.

.... Muslims tend to have more conservative social attitudes than the general population, the report said. Half of Muslim men and one-third of women believe wives should obey their husbands, and 38% of men said it is acceptable for a British Muslim to have more than one wife. A majority said homosexuality should not be legal. [The Guardian] Read more