18 May 2018

Report reveals Leicester Islamic school's library contained books condoning violence to women

An Islamic faith school in Leicester has been slammed by Ofsted after it found “inappropriate” reading material in the boys’ library.

Leicester Community Academy, in Overton Road, has been rated “inadequate” by the education watchdog who said its curriculum was “unlawfully discriminatory”.

One book said a husband had no recourse but to “divorce his wife” if they refused to bear a child even after they had completed their studies on the pretext of work and career.

More worryingly, the report said the book condoned violence towards women by their husbands if the wife was deemed not to be fulfilling her duties.

Girls, it said, did not have any access to a library.

Inspectors also said the curriculum’s “insular ethos” meant pupils were “ill prepared for life in British Society.” [The Leicester Mercury] Read more