07 December 2018

Watchdog condemns Muslim Aid

The former management of Muslim Aid, one of Britain’s largest charities with a budget of £34 million a year, has been condemned by the Charity Commission for failing to safeguard against funding illegal groups.

The charity, which worked in some of the most sensitive conflict zones, failed to check whether its money was going to blacklisted groups. The failed group has been wound up and replaced by a new organisation with the same name.

The previous Muslim Aid was run by Islamic leaders including former senior figures in the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), an influential lobby group. Its secretary was the physicist Muhammad Abdul Bari, who wrote an MCB paper on education with Tahir Alam, chairman of governors at one of the Birmingham “Trojan Horse” schools.

One of the founding trustees was Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin, whom a war crime tribunal in Bangladesh sentenced in his absence to hang. He has denied allegations linking him to the killing of pro-independence activists during the civil war in the 1970s. [The Times (£)] Read more