15 July 2015

How ISIS sells Sharia law in Libya: Terror group erects chilling billboards ordering women they must wear baggy, heavy hijab that covers them completely and not wear perfume

ISIS has been able to gain a foothold amid chaos in Libya, where two governments backed by rival alliances of militias are battling each other as well as extremist groups.

It has established strongholds in the towns on Sirte and Derna, and smaller bases elsewhere in the country.

It is believed the number of ISIS killers has swelled from just a few dozen in Libya last year to some 2,000.

The latest instrument of oppression - the huge billboard - depicts a woman covered head to toe in a black robe, alongside the list of 'stipulations'.

Clothing must baggy and cover the whole body, and made of heavy material. It must not be made by a famous brand, resemble men's clothes or garments worn by 'female unbelievers', be decorated so it attracts attention, or be scented. [Daily Mail] Read more