07 July 2015

Twisted minority of Muslims put Britain at risk, says MI5 boss: Security chief says bombings brought about 'step change' that help service foil more plots

Britain faces a ‘serious societal’ threat from a tiny minority of Muslims with a ‘twisted’ belief their own country is the enemy, the head of MI5 warns today.

On the tenth anniversary of 7/7, Andrew Parker describes the atrocity as the moment the UK fully woke up to the threat of Al Qaeda and other Islamists.

He says a ‘step change’ in counter-terrorism defences, as a result of the London bombings, allowed the Security Service to foil more plots and save thousands of lives.

But, in an article for MI5’s website, Mr Parker says ‘appalling acts’ continue to be attempted by individuals who have ‘grown up here but decided for whatever twisted reasons to identify their own country as the enemy’. [Daily Mail] Read more