03 July 2015

UK's Female Sharia Judge Says Muslims Cannot Be Asked to Obey the Law

In an article in Breitbart, Amra Bone - the UK's only female sharia 'judge' - has stated that Muslims "cannot" be asked to have only one wife. In other words, the law of the land should not apply to Muslims.

Bone goes on to say that "people have a right to decide for themselves" and in doing so, evokes the language of freedom that is so manipulated by Islamists. One does, and should, have personal freedom in Britain, but what Islamists like Bone don't appear to understand is that this doesn't include the freedom to break or live outside of the law of the land.

Sharia Watch has stated many times that a parallel system of family law is alive and kicking in Britain - and much of it is at odds with the UK's laws. Domestic violence is permitted, women have no unilateral right to divorce, and child custody is to fathers only - regardless of circumstances or the well-being of the child. The British Government must start taking this seriously. [Sharia Watch] Read more