02 October 2015

Niqab backers ignorant about Shariah, Islamism

I agree with the federal government’s decision to defend its policy of banning the niqab when Muslim women take the oath at citizenship ceremonies.

It has asked the Federal Court of Appeal for a stay of last month’s court ruling striking its policy down and plans to appeal that decision to the Supreme Court of Canada.

This matter concerns all of us for many reasons, not the least of which is that accepting the niqab, even if confined to citizenship ceremonies, will set a dangerous precedent.

It will establish an odious symbol of Islamism and its misogyny at a quintessentially Canadian event.

Glib arguments the niqab is just a piece of cloth worn by a few Muslim women, miss the point.

This is not a numbers game. It is a matter of principle.

The issue is whether we should allow retrograde practices in our midst, ones that clearly consider women temptresses who must be hidden from public view. [Toronto Sun] Read more