06 May 2016

Muslim schoolgirl is sent home because her long skirt is deemed 'ostentatiously religious' by French teachers

A teenage girl has been banned from her school in France after arriving in a long skirt that the headmistress decided appeared too religious.

The 16-year-old, who converted to Islam a year ago, arrived at her school outside of Paris on May 2 and, like each day, took off her veil.

However the skirt she was wearing that day, which reached below her knees and nearly to her shoes, was quickly spotted by the headmistress who allegedly decided it was too obviously religious, the Nouvel Obs reported

The day after, the student had a meeting with the headmistress in which she said she was told she could not come in to school in a long skirt, Islamophobie reported.

France passed a law in 2004 which applies to state schools and workplaces which bans the wearing of religious items such a veils, kippas and large Christian crosses.

Though 'discreet religious symbols' are allowed, the teenager's black H&M skirt was not viewed to be subtle enough.

According to Islamophobie, however, a long skirt alone is not enough to warrant a student being barred from a school on grounds of the 2004 law. [Daily Mail] Read more