27 May 2016

Views of 44% of Europe Muslims are fundamentalist, Czech study shows

The opinions of 44 percent of European Muslims correspond to the definition of religious fundamentalism, according to a survey the Czech European Values think tank presented yesterday, which unveils serious shortcomings in Muslim immigrants' integration in this respect.

Problems with the integration in the European system of values concern both first and further generations of Muslim immigrants, the think tank said in a press release.

The survey showed that fundamentalists increasingly incline to radicalisation.

For example, the application of force was assessed as a justified measure to protect the faith by 35 percent of the surveyed Muslims, but 70 percent of fundamentalists among them.

"University education lowers the probability of radicalisation," sociologist Marketa Blazejovska said.

"Neither personal experience with discrimination nor the society's openness to foreigners have any influence," she said.

According to European Values executive director Radko Hokovsky, Islamic fundamentalists try to read and apply Islam consistently in a way that may result in breaching personal freedom, equality and human dignity. [CTK] Read more