24 July 2017

Keighley campaigner calls for more to be done to promote civic participation by British Muslim women

A KEIGHLEY-based campaigner said some Muslim communities in Britain still feature very few women in positions of authority.

Aisha Ali Khan was responding to a new report called "Missing Muslims: Unlocking British Muslim Potential for the Benefit of All", the result of a commission sponsored by Citizens UK.

This study says more must be done to help Muslims fulfil their potential to benefit society.

Miss Khan said: "The report makes references to the barriers Muslim women face in terms of their participation in public life. In particular, clan politics have been singled out as a key factor that ‘stifles progress’.

"This isn't something new or unusual. Many people involved in local politics where there's a large population of Muslims have always cited this as an issue for both women and young people. [The Keighley News] Read more