20 July 2017

Left needs to start critiquing Islamism, not defending it

.... In a nutshell, Islamism represents global domination, subordination of women and minorities, a dictatorial system of governance where only a particular type of interpretation of Islam is upheld, hatred for LGBTQ communities and a return to patriarchy and obscurantism. Is this what the left wants to defend?

All sane Canadians advocate social justice. But social justice cannot be achieved through an outlook predicated on moral relativism. Naïve apologists for Islamism assume that anyone criticized is by definition a victim, even wife beaters and polygamists. The supporters unwittingly become a party to medieval practices.

Of course, we must be careful to spare ordinary Muslims who have nothing to do with political Islam any form of bigotry. However, there is nothing bigoted about opposing the pernicious agenda of Islamists. [Toronto Sun] Read more