07 August 2017

Luxembourg law foresees partial ban of face veils in public spaces

Luxembourg Justice Minister Félix Braz has presented a bill that would prohibit the use of face veils in public spaces.

Based on the Dutch model, which features a partial burqa ban, in Luxembourg, the use of a face veil would be banned in schools and educational establishments, hospitals, nursing homes and public institutions, as well as on public transportation.

The ban would apply to both visitors and employees.

According to the draft law, which would amend Article 563 of Luxembourg's criminal code, directors and managers of these institutions may temporarily suspend the ban.

The bill stipulates that a face veil would be allowed when used for a professional, sports, artistic or cultural reason.

In contrast to other European countries, Luxembourg has already enforced a set of rules that ban face-covering at a local level. [Luxemburger Wort] Read more