01 April 2018

Ofsted defends itself as teachers say attempts to ban hijab ‘racism dressed as liberalism'

The watchdog slammed accusations of Islamaphobia by militant unions after their head Amanda Speilman instructed inspectors to quiz girls on the head covering.

In a statement, Ofsted stood by Ms Speilman’s remarks and batted off criticisms from NUT members of the National Education Union.

An Ofsted spokesman said: “The National Education Union’s comments are disappointing. There's nothing political about ensuring that schools and parents aren't being subject to undue pressure by national or community campaign groups.

"Head teachers need to be able to take uniform decisions on the basis of safeguarding or community cohesion concerns, and Ofsted will always support them in doing that."

Ms Spielman faced backlash after it was reported inspectors had been told to question Muslim pupils wearing a hijab about why they do so.

The Ofsted head said creating environments where the girls are expected to wear hijabs “could be interpreted as sexualisation of young girls”. [Daily Express] Read more