24 April 2018

Women take to the streets of Iran without the veil as they show support for woman who was viciously beaten by 'morality police'

Dozens of women have taken to the streets of Iran without the mandatory hijab, after a video emerged showing 'morality police officers' brutally beating a young woman whose veil they deemed 'insufficient'.

Videos show them bravely defying the country's Islamic law, which requires women to cover their hair in public, as they walk through cities like the capital Tehran and Shiraz.

Several of them face verbal and physical abuse in the street, with witnesses urging them to cover their hair.

Their protest has been named #WalkingUnveiled, and is quickly spreading on social media.

Their campaign is a response to the vicious assault last week, which has sparked a new public debate on the decades-long requirement for Iranian women.

The video appeared online last week, with activists suggesting it was taken in Tehran, though nothing in it offers hints at its location.

The outrageous scene, in what appears to be a public park in broad daylight, was secretly filmed by an onlooker and has been spread online by dissident groups. [Daily Mail] Read more