28 September 2018

Belgian MP: Grand Mosque of Brussels Continues to Preach Hate

Belgian MP Georges Dallemagne has expressed concern that the Grand Mosque of Brussels may have resumed more hardline sermons and may be continuing to preach hate.

Mr Dallemagne said earlier this week that he believed the leaders of the Grand Mosque were deceiving the authorities and “stringing them along” when it came to preaching more radical forms of Islam, Sudinfo reports.

The Islamic and Cultural Center of Belgium (CICB) which operates out of the Grand Mosque, has been accused of spreading Wahabbist ideology in the past by a report from the Belgian Unit for Coordination and Threat Analysis (OCAM), the contents of which was leaked earlier this year.

“The teaching of the Muslim religion of the Arab section of the Islamic and Cultural Center of Belgium is in no way adapted to the Belgian or European reference framework. Salafist ideas and doctrines that encourage the rejection of any different ideas and fundamental constitutional rights and freedoms,” the report said. [Breitbart London] Read more