13 September 2018

Pauline Hanson has slammed feminists in parliament who don’t support a burqa ban

PAULINE Hanson has slammed feminists as “pathetic” for not supporting a ban on the burqa.

Speaking on Today this morning, the One Nation leader suggested feminists in parliament who didn’t oppose the burqa were hypocrites.

“Here they are standing up for women’s rights, but there a lot of women who are forced to wear the burqa by their male counterparts,” Senator Hanson said.

“Now I’m sure that there’s the lot and they’ve actually said it in programs that I’ve watched … there’s a lot of women who have said that they want to move away from the ideology of Islam and it really is.

“Free these women. They fought to get their vote in this country — one of the first countries in the world to actually give the vote — and women are moving forward, they’re fighting for equality, they’re fighting for equal wages — and yet you’re quite prepared to see a woman get around fully clothed with this burqa, and even when they’re swimming. It’s ridiculous, it’s beyond me.” [news.com.au] Read more