11 September 2018

Islamophobia row over Bodyguard

.... The opening episode included a scene in which a would-be suicide bomber appeared to act under the influence of her jihadist husband. Sergeant David Budd, a police protection officer played by Richard Madden, tells the woman that she has been brainwashed.

.... “Unfortunately the reality of our situation is that the principal terror threats in the UK do originate from Islamist sympathisers.

“I do understand that’s different from the religion of Islam, but it’s the reality of who the perpetrators are of the majority of the offences. If the show were set in the recent British past, the attackers might be Irish Republicans.”

Rohit Kachroo, ITV News security editor, claimed that the passive jihadist bride was “one of the great clich├ęs in depictions of modern Islamist terrorism”. Lexi Alexander, a German-Palestinian filmmaker, accused British TV dramas of focusing on “bad Muslims”. [The Times (£)] Read more