07 January 2019

Government rejects Senator Anning’s call for Muslim, Sudanese migration ban

Immigration Minister David Coleman has rejected the call for an immigration ban by Senator Fraser Anning, saying Australia has "a non-discriminatory migration policy".

The controversial Queensland senator said he is concerned that violence by "Sudanese gangs" is spreading across Australia, including to Queensland.

He said that concern prompted him to represent his constituents and attend a Melbourne rally organised by far-right ultra nationalists, the United Patriots Front.

Senator Anning ultimately wants a ban on Muslim and Sudanese migrants coming to Australia.

"I would not bring any more Muslims or Sudanese in the country," he told the Nine Network's Today Show.

"I would put a ban on that. And if any of them committed a crime, I would be shipping them home to where they came from."

Members and supporters of the United Patriots Front group were filmed performing the the "Sieg Heil" Nazi salute during the rally at St Kilda beach on Saturday. [SBS] Read more