09 July 2009

Know your enemy

Why isn’t the trial of a man charged with preparing for terror attacks using tennis-ball bombs being reported? He’s not a bearded Muslim. Imagine, for a moment, that Neil Lewington, who is on trial at the Old Bailey for preparing for a “campaign of terrorism” using tennis-ball bombs, was a British Muslim. The story would be splashed across the front page of every newspaper in Britain, and Sky News would be rolling a loop of images of his scowling, bearded, dark face. [New Statesman] Read more

For analysis of the above article see:

A cracker of a lie about a bomber I stumbled upon this article in the New Statesman (via Islamophobia-Watch, which enthusiastically endorses it). Here, here’s a screen grab so you can see I’m not making this up: [Harry’s Place] Read more See Also: [Harry’s Place] Read