19 July 2009

Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and Europe by Christopher Caldwell

Caldwell’s argument is timely, powerful and wrong. Caldwell is no racist, but it is this confusion of peoples and values that connects his argument to that of Stoddard. For both, the presence of too many non-Europeans in Europe is a threat to European values.

The confusion of peoples and values also reveals how Caldwell himself was imbibed the contemporary European uncertainty about its values, of which he is so critical. There are no such things as "European values", of course.

What has eroded is faith in the idea that it is possible to win peoples of different backgrounds to a common set of secular, humanist, Enlightened values. And that is the real problem: not immigration, nor Muslim immigration, but the lack of conviction in a progressive, secular, humanist project. [New Humanist] Read more