23 May 2011

Iran arrests Bahais for 'online university'

Iran has arrested a "number" of Bahais for running an "online Bahai university" aimed at propagating their faith, the government-run Iran newspaper reported on Monday.

"The security forces were able to arrest those responsible for running the online Bahai university, the so-called BIHE, and dismantling the network," the report said without elaborating when and how many people were arrested.

According to the Bahai Institute for Higher Education (BIHE) website, it "was founded in 1987 in response to the Iranian government's continuing campaign to deny Iranian Bahais access to higher education."

The Iran newspaper report added that, "this so-called online university was in fact a disguise for spreading the (faith) of the misled Bahai group and setting a trap for the citizens... A large number of books, CDs and computers were seized from them." [AFP] Read more [via Harry’s Place]