30 May 2011

Muslim Mistrust Bred Of Islam Leads To Cousin Marriage, Leads To Colossal Expenses For British Taxpayers

The unremarkable observation, by one British doctor, that there is a very high degree of congenital defects among Muslim children, as compared with non-Muslim children, in the United Kingdom has led, unremarkably, to Musilm outrage.

It is not the unremarkable remarking by the British doctor, nor the unremarkable fury by the Muslims (some no doubt with British citizenship) that need be re-discussed here. What is of note is the question why such cousin-mariage is so widely practiced, not only among Pakistanis, but also among those who remain Pakistani in every important way, even if they have been born, and raised, Great Britain and speak some native form of English, thus providing the illusion that their British citizenship is more than a matter of mere paperwork. [The Iconoclast] Read more