18 February 2014

Baroness Warsi ‘saddened’ by rise in Islamic sectarianism

Islamic sectarianism has become a “deep and dangerous” problem in Britain that is being used to justify acts of religious extremism, the country’s most senior Muslim politician has warned.

In a speech during a trip to the Middle East, Baroness Warsi said that differences between branches of Islam were being used by extremists to cause “tension, turmoil and terrorism”. She warned that such preaching was stripping the “soulfulness and kindness of spirit” from the heart of the religion and called on Islamic leaders to “reclaim the true meaning of the religion”.

[A COMMENT] The biggest problem is that our political classes are too weak and scared to do anything about it, such as banning the niqab, stopping the practice of Sharia law in communities and insisting that English only is spoken in schools to name a few.

If they don't like it there are plenty of other countries in whose environment they can feel comfortable, but most of us are getting mighty fed up with our established culture being eroded by these aliens. [The Independent] Read more