16 February 2014

Fundamental truths that many will find hard to accept

.... I think that the numbers show a general trend that is hard to brush aside. The study should make people reconsider the old story that Muslim fundamentalists are just a tiny minority ruining everything for the majority. Maybe it’s actually the other way around – the majority is ruining it for the few.

It seems like the numbers are simply reflecting that Islamism has been the reigning political-religious discourse of the last 30 years in the Islamic world. But before anyone jumps to any conclusions, we should remember that a new fundamentalist study in the US showed that Christian Americans are actually a bit more fundamentalistic in their minds than their Muslim countrymen.

[A COMMENT] Is there a single muslim majority that doesn't have a poisonous, violent and hostile attitude toward non-muslims? Religious minorities in muslim countries seem to do best under the implied protection of a dictator or monarch (both of which are problematic) when the majority is given freer reign the result is rapid escalation to violent oppression. [The Copenhagen Post] Read more