30 May 2015

Islam and the Necessity of Liberal Critique

....We have those on the Islamic far right who say that there is no room for reform in Islam, because Islam is, and always has been perfect. We have their counterparts from the far right in the West, who coincidentally also view Islam as beyond reform, but for different reasons, as something that is irredeemably and permanently evil. Between those two extremes, we have the average Muslim, who is forced to choose between the devil he knows, Islamic dominance and supremacy, over the devil he doesn't, Western bigotry.

The liberal Left needs to present a different path, not acquiesce to either form of religious dominance. It is particularly important that those who stand for compassion, that those who stand for human rights and who recognize the harmful effects of bigotry and discrimination lead the charge against religious oppression no matter where it stems.

We know, not only is reform is possible, it is ongoing against insurmountable odds, it has champions that are laying their lives on the line for a better tomorrow. We cannot and must not let the current situation endure where reformists of Islam are standing alone and vulnerable. [Daily Kos] Read more