28 May 2015

Muslim bosses spark halal row over new Blackburn Nando's restaurant

MUSLIM bosses have sparked a row by warning Nando’s it must follow strict guidelines if it decides to sell ‘halal’ chicken at its proposed Blackburn restaurant.

The Lancashire Council of Mosques, which represents East Lancashire‘s Muslims, said the chain does not meet its religious certification of halal food and now the chairman of the LCM’s Halal Committee Salim Mulla has warned the international restaurant company it will tell local followers of Islam to boycott the new outlet, due to open this winter in the Vue cinema complex, if it does not change its procedures.

.... The HFA allows the stunning of chickens before slaughter, which Cllr Mulla and his organisation believe fails to meet the strict criteria of Islamic law.

The LCM insist on accreditation and inspection by the Leicester-based Halal Monitoring Committee which forbids it. [This Is Lancashire] Read more