29 May 2015

Mixed reaction in Bradford as Government plans to review Sharia law show little sign of progress

CONTROVERSIAL Government plans to review Sharia law appear to be on the back-burner, provoking a mixed reaction from Bradford MPs.

Just two months ago, Home Secretary Theresa May demanded an inquiry, as part of a crackdown on extremism “in all its forms”.

In a high-profile speech, Miss May claimed Sharia law was being used to “discriminate against women” and was becoming more widespread.

And she said: “There is evidence of women being 'divorced' under Sharia law and left in penury, wives who are forced to return to abusive relationships because Sharia councils say a husband has a right to 'chastise', and Sharia councils giving the testimony of a woman only half the weight of the testimony of a man.” [Bradford Telegraph and Argus] Read more