05 May 2015

Trojan Horse radicals STILL free to preach from the sidelines: Islamic hardliners are 'active' despite crackdown

School governors behind the Trojan Horse scandal are still agitating in the community despite a supposed crackdown, it was claimed last night.

Politicians warned that no action has been taken against key figures in the alleged attempts by hardliners to take over Birmingham schools.

They said that – although some had resigned or been removed from governing bodies – many former governors were still allowed to work with families and ‘preach nonsense’.

This week a number of Birmingham head teachers said they have been subjected to an ‘ongoing’ intimidation campaign. One head teacher received death threats while two others had dead animals strung up on school gates.

Khalid Mahmood, Birmingham Perry Barr MP, said: ‘The governors involved in Trojan Horse are still around and still active. [Daily Mail] Read more