19 June 2015

Are British Muslims “quietly condoning” extremists?

.... The “revised” version merely reads like a blip in the U-turn back to the draconian efforts once pursued by Hazel Blears to marginalise mainstream Muslim organisations in favour of a neo-con driven, ideology based, evidence-base lacking, conveyor belt theory affirming shambles that is the Government’s current approach.

It is also deeply unsettling that as the Conservatives look to introduce measures that disproportionately discriminate against and alienate British Muslims, scaremongering about how they are “quietly condoning” extremist narratives is intended to overcome criticism of the Government’s cavalier disregard for the very “British values” it claims to defend.

By pointing the finger at Muslims as part of the problem, it is clear that the Government is hoping its assault on Muslim civil liberties will itself be “quietly condoned”. [MEND] Read more