29 June 2015

Time to face the extremism taking hold in Britain says Leo McKinstry

Supporters of mass immigration like to prattle about the joys of cultural enrichment but what is actually happening is the Islamification of large swathes of urban Britain.

Typical is the experience of Savile Town in Dewsbury, where an area that was once used for allotments and the local bowling club’s green is now the site for the giant Markazi mosque, built with Saudi Arabian cash.

None of us were asked if we wanted so many of our neighbourhoods to resemble Islamabad.

It was a transformation imposed by our supine political class without any mandate.

Wailing about Islamophobia, Muslim community leaders love to pose as victims.

But the real victims are the British people, who see their national identity destroyed and their society threatened by division, sectarianism and violence. [Daily Express] Read more