14 June 2015

Schools watchdog with links to extremists shut down

A controversial body accused of whitewashing hardline Muslim schools is to be closed down in the latest blow for Islamist extremism in Britain.

The Bridge Schools Inspectorate, which in 2008 took over responsibility from Ofsted for inspecting many private Muslim schools, will cease operations in October after coming under strong pressure from ministers and Sir Michael Wilshaw, the chief inspector of schools.

In a letter to the BSI last year, Sir Michael said it was failing to identify “warning signs of extremism and radicalisation in school settings” and accused it of taking schools’ assurances too much at face value.

The BSI is co-controlled by private Muslim schools’ own trade and promotional body, the Association of Muslim Schools (AMS). It uses AMS member headteachers to inspect each other’s schools.

Both the inspectorate and the AMS have close links to extremists. [The Telegraph] Read more