17 June 2015

Sayeeda Warsi is part of the jihadist emigration problem

Honestly. No sooner have I filed a piece than along comes Sayeeda Warsi to help prove my point. Yesterday morning she popped up because another three sisters and their nine children appear to have traveled from West Yorkshire to join the thriving Islamic State. Apparently Sayeeda knows one of the families. And of course she is blaming this latest example of jihadist emigration on the British authorities in general and this government in particular. She claims that the current government has ‘disengaged’ from Muslim communities.

....Very few people with any aspiration to be ‘Muslim leaders’ really do. Because the conversation will include, among other things, a lot of focus being put on the theological underpinnings of ISIS’s claims. You cannot defeat those claims if you pretend they come from nowhere or are made up by ‘Islamophobes.’ You can only counter them if you can explain why ISIS are wrong.

That requires a level of Islamic introspection for which there appears very little appetite. [The Spectator] Read more