11 August 2015

ISIS 'cannot be reconciled with Islam' says Turkey's religious authority

The actions of Islamic State can never be reconciled with Islam, according to a report from the Turkish government.

Far from being true Muslims, members of ISIS are no better than "bandits" who are engaged in a campaign of "kill and plunder", the report says.

The document from Turkey's religious affairs directorate, Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı, says the Islamic world needs urgently to explain to the rest of the world why Islamic State's interpretation of the religion is false. It calls on Islamic scholars, mosques and educational institutions worldwide to preach against the "false" doctrines of ISIS.

It spells out some of the chilling propaganda used in recruitment, such as slogans stating that a person will only die once, so why not make that death a martyrdom. [Christian Today] Read more