11 August 2015

Khalid Khan and the East London Mosque

The horrors of Islamic State (IS) have roots. Chief among them are the most viciously intolerant strands of Saudi Arabian Islam.

The UK has not been spared, oh no. Consider London preacher Khalid Khan. His website offers Islamic guidance that would be most welcome in Raqqa, the IS stronghold in Syria. Try this one from a Saudi tome:

"The Companions of the Prophet have not differed in killing sodomites, and some of them are of the opinion that a sodomite is to be raised to the top of the highest building in town and thrown from there, followed by stones thrown at him."

There are many more hideous rulings in that document. Apostates and married adulterers too must be killed, like homosexuals. Those who disrupt Muslim “unity” may be killed too. Thieves will lose hands. Even wine drinkers must be lashed eighty times.

.... So, are people rushing to distance themselves from Khalid Khan as David Cameron “gets tough”? Not a bit of it. Mr Khan will be welcomed at the East London Mosque this Saturday. The mosque’s imam Abdul Qayum will speak alongside him. [Harry’s Place] Read more