14 August 2015

Sadiq Khan's Team Attack LBC Poll On Londoners Being Uncomfortable With A Muslim Mayor

.... The YouGov poll, revealed on Thursday, found that 31 percent, nearly a third, would not like to be led by a man of the Islamic faith.

.... In a letter to LBC, Roberts said the radio station was wrong to commission the poll. He wrote: “People are perhaps inevitably anxious about faiths they don’t know and that is why Sadiq has spent so much of his adult life reaching out across communities to increase understanding.”

He added: “I hope you can reassure me – and Londoners – that your coverage of these issues does not run the risk of undermining the strength of our city with questions that fuel prejudice and risk setting Londoners against each other.”

Khan said in a recent interview that it would be “awesome” if London elected a Muslim mayor for the message it would send to the rest of the world.

.... The LBC poll also revealed that 90 percent of respondents were comfortable with a female mayor, 71 percent were comfortable with a gay mayor and 76 percent were comfortable with someone from an ethnic minority. [The HuffingtonPost UK] Read more