09 August 2015

UAE enacts stealth blasphemy law

According to this report, the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, above, said that the “inclusive” decree:

Guarantees the freedom of individuals from religious intolerance.

But Gulf News reports that the legislation makes illegal “any acts that stoke religious hatred” and “any form of expression” that insults religion.

The law, passed by decree at the end of July:

Prohibits any act that would be considered as insulting God, His prophets or apostles or holy books or houses of worship or graveyards.

The legislation purports to allow for an “environment of tolerance” and “broad-mindedness”, but includes potential 10 year jail terms and substantial fines for those who break the law.

Provisions in the legislation include a prohibition on expressing doubt about the existence of God. [The Freethinker] Read more