18 January 2017

Burka 'not part of our culture' but no plans for ban, WA Premier Colin Barnett says

WA Premier Colin Barnett has ruled out any attempt to ban Muslims from wearing burkas, but has said he would prefer "that type of clothing" was not worn in Australia.

Premier Barnett was responding to questions following Senator Pauline Hanson's renewed call for a ban on the burka ahead of her visit to WA, where One Nation will be fielding candidates in the March state election.

Ms Hanson used Twitter to vent her concerns about the burka yesterday.

"It seems people don't realise the burqa is not a religious right, it's an evil tool of oppression and an extreme national security risk," she said.

Mr Barnett dismissed any suggestion of a ban, but expressed reservations about the religious headwear worn by Muslims.

"We're not about to introduce laws into Western Australia to ban the burka," he said. [ABC] Read more