25 January 2017

Mosque where Berlin Christmas market murderer Anis Amri prayed to be SHUT DOWN

THE mosque where Berlin Christmas market mass murderer Anis Amri worshipped is to be shut down after it emerged he and other Islamic fundamentalists regularly prayed there.

Some 12 people died and more than 50 were injured when the Tunisian ploughed a 20 tonne truck into crowds at the festive market.

Just hours before the massacre on December 19, Amri was captured on CCTV entering the mosque in the Moabit neighbourhood in Germany’s capital.

And another clip emerged of the 24-year-old there five days before the atrocity.

German Interior Secretary of Berlin, Torsten Akmann, confirmed the committee on internal affairs of the Berlin Parliament was under “high pressure” to shut down the mosque.

He said the application for the planned ban of the building and the mosque association, Fussilet 33, would be finalised by the end of the month.

The move follows a raid on the mosque last week by a special deployment commando of the Berlin police, where they arrested another Islamic fundamentalist. [Daily Express] Read more